Discovery Tree Schools use positive discipline to facilitate appropriate children's behavior and as an approach to handling conflicts and inappropriate behaviors. Staff is trained in positive discipline practices and procedures. In practicing positive discipline staff and children are actively involved in the problem-solving process and in brainstorming solutions. Discovery Tree has three main guidelines for acceptable behaviors:

  1. You may NOT hurt a person at our school.

  2. You may NOT hurt an animal at our school.

  3. You may NOT hurt the property of our school.

Our policy is to allow children to work out conflicts or frustrations with their peers without immediate adult intervention. However, when children need assistance, the staff will work as facilitators by suggesting words that will help the child communicate. Aggressive behavior is never appropriate, children are encouraged to use their words to solve problems. Infants and toddlers with limited language skills are redirected to loving and gentle touches to encourage pro-social behaviors. Extremely aggressive hostile behavior or repeated problems, may result in redirecting the child or removing the child from an activity for a short amount of time.This is a technique we use only when a child is not able to make safe, kind or clean choices on their own  Giving children the opportunity to be responsible for their actions and to work out conflicts, helps children learn to accept natural and logical consequences of their behavior. Clear limits and consistency are key factors, as well as positive reinforcement from staff.

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