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6 weeks - 30 months 

1 to 4 Teacher / Child ratio

Early Discoveries uses the R.I.E. philosophy  Resources for Infant Educarers.  This philosophy is based upon the idea that parents and caretakers must have respect for infants and trust that they are natural inventors, explorers, and self-learners

24 months - 6 years

1:9 Teacher / Child ratio

Discovery Tree and Arista schools Preschool program provides a "Hands-On" environment and activities for children of all ages.  The Pre-School Program utilizes a balance between teacher-directed times and OPEN learning center times where children move from center to center making choices and changing projects as their interests change.  

5 years - 10 years

1:12 Teacher / Child ratio

Our afterschool program is very flexible and geared to the individual child as we have children arriving at various times from their schools. Children are met in a designated area at their school by a member of the staff and transported by school vans. We are also offering Distance Learning Program

Discovery Tree and Arista Schools Approach

Our work is inspired by Piaget and Reggio Emilia philosophy where play is valued and the child is respected as an independent person with plans and ideas. Our responsibilities as early childhood professionals are to provide rich, intentionally curated environments and the time for children to play, execute and explore their unique ideas.

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What Parents Think

"We are very happy and look forward to many years at Discovery Tree!!!"

Jenna B.

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